Travelex Supercard Launch

Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Paid Media, Print, UI, Video


The launch follows in the footsteps of a popular pilot in May, where 25,000 people signed up for the chance to have the card.  Supercard is the UK’s first product that effortlessly enables you to avoid these charges when using your existing credit or debit cards to spend money abroad.

The end goal was to create a user-friendly product with a premium but personal visual language, dedicated to frequent and modern travellers, and always with the aim of enabling a simple and straightforward user experience.

Campaign Stats (3 weeks in) 

2.1m impressions (number of times our content has been seen)

9k engagements (people who have interacted with the content e.g. Click, reply, comment, share)

270k video views (that’s an average of 54k views per video, beating our KPI of 50k per video)