Travelex Rebrand

Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Print


Today, it is all about connected-consumers, and digital is at the heart of enabling practically everything they do in all spheres of their lives. The new logo represents both Travelex the company and the full suite of Travelex products and services, creating a single brand system for the entire organization as well as its existing and future products. This replaces a 1970 version of the logo that was meant to distinguish Travelex corporate from the consumer-facing image. The new brand mark is used across every touchpoint of the Travelex family brand, from the cards carried by consumers, to signage at Travelex headquarters, to the digital payment system on smartphones and retail airport stores.

A new set of graphic tools have been developed to help Travelex communicate effectively and concisely in all media. The tools consist of a distinctive color palette, a new typographic system and graphic patterns. In addition, custom icon sets, illustrations and photographic styles have been established to create a consistent visual system to express a wide range of messages.

1. Travelex master logo

2. Responsive logo

3. Graphic device (wing tig) created to carry a strong, concise headline message. This striking graphic device, with consistent application, will become a recognisable and effective part of our brand identity

4. Imagery treatment

5. The Travelex typeface family Character: Lato

6. Grid to help position brand elements consistently in both printed and digital communications

7. Social media imagery, strong imagery is especially powerful on social media – it can catch the eye as users thumb through their feeds